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Acting And Modeling So Far


I have had some success here. First I was in two film productions – one for a web series by ComedyFlo and another in an episode of HBO’s Ballers as an extra. Both were very educational and I can’t tell you how much more confident they both made me feel.

At this point I’m refusing quite a bit of offers. Yup. Refusing them. I get plenty of them coming to me and the submissions I could be sending off are probably in the dozens every month, but, I am no longer sending my resume to any that I don’t feel are right for me.

I’m a good actress. I have my body in the same or perhaps even better shape than when I was 18 years old. Remember I have years of fitness training behind me so that’s a professional opinion, not being a braggart. I have a good voice, can dance well enough to be in a chorus line or a production number or a couples dance, can sing about a 6 or 7 on a scale of 1 to 10, and, I’m very comfortable in front of an audience or a camera. I know this. And I’ve seen filming both on a smaller scale and a larger one. What these past seven months have given me is a much better idea of my own value as an actress.

There was one offer recently that I turned down due to a contractual dispute. I was offered a job as a lead player, one of only 7 women selected of any age I might add, but it didn’t work for me. I have no animosity toward anyone and I wish them all the best in the world, but it was not the right offer for me is what it came down to. So I passed.

There are offers on the table still, one is a play, one a short film, and I have until next week to submit a video audition if I pursue either one. I’m looking into them first before I do that. I’ve learned to look before I leap, so it will save time and frustration.

But, I have seen enough to believe I can do this as a professional and make a career out of it should I so choose. That’s good. I would be very happy to accept the right offer – and I’m not going to settle for less.

nancy shorts backside good


This is pretty much the same situation. I have turned down jobs because they just aren’t right for me. My biggest problem if you could call it that is that I’m so different from other 58 year olds or even 48 year olds. I’m younger. I look younger, my body looks like it’s 20 and I have the energy and attitude of a woman 30 years younger than my actual age. But I’m proud of 58 and as far as I’m concerned I’m NOT TRYING to look young – I’m BEING myself! So I will not go out and do some ridiculous makeover to force myself to look older for anyone!

Ads that I’ve turned down have been for handbags, sunglasses, insurance, wine and shoes. None of them were right for me, as an individual, and I have to look at that, not at the overall age group. It’s very, very hard to be put in a pigeonhole when you are not right for it. I’m not a conformist and never will be, so that’s another reason why I really need a good agent.

With that vented out there, I have an advertising agency that is very interested in me and I am probably going to submit a resume and a video to them.

What would I be good for? Well, off the top of my head I would say the Viagra ads which feature a beautiful woman, middle-aged, and she’s wearing a gorgeous dress. The idea is that the middle-aged man wants to be able to be with this woman, and so she looks very good. That would be perfect for me. I’m her.

Next, I would be great for fitness wear. The idea every fitness pro in the world would agree with is that a person should stay fit for life. Well, I’m there. I’m doing that. So put me in a crop top and little shorts and I’ll demonstrate how a woman can breeze by 50 and be on her way to 60 and still be 34-24-34.

Bikinis. Modeling bikinis would be a dream job for me! Imagine if you will, a company boasting that they have hired a 58-year-old woman who has the same measurements as their 20-year-old models! And wears the same style suits! I feel very confident that the media would go wild about this and it would be a win-win situation.

Lingerie. This pretty much goes along with the same concept as fitness wear and bikinis. My body is not just “good” it’s excellent. I can rock a demi bra and a string thong. Easy for me. Again, the media attention would be spectacular! Autism mom and fitness pro lands lingerie model job – OMG!

So, at this point I’m looking at an advertising agency, and am reading about castings when they come to me. But I’m picky. I’m doing this right because I have a lot to offer.

BTW you have to be confident to do this. A year ago I would never have complimented myself so much. But I’ve learned that as well. If you don’t sing your praises loud and clear – no one in the acting or modeling industries will ever hear them.

I’ll be posting pics from an upcoming photoshoot I’m doing this Fall.  Lots of other things as well such as TV Reviews and Movie Reviews on my YouTube Channel.  Stayed tuned.

Until then – go after your dreams everyone!