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Modern Day Modeling

How ads work – and how they should work. 

The number one aim of all advertising is to get the public’s attention. That’s the only reason why ads are made, and why companies spend millions of dollars to create them.

And while we may appreciate many things about the ads we see – both in print and on television – whether or not they are visually appealing is secondary to the golden, cherished end-all prize of all advertisements: getting people talking about them.

They get us talking. 

This is something that is tricky to make happen. People see so many ads in their lifetime it’s normal to have that “flip the page and go on” kind of attitude toward all of them.

So it’s the standouts that are what companies want. The ad that makes people hold on to that page in a magazine and look closely at what it says, or click rewind on the remote and watch that commercial again.

This is when the magic happens and people look at each other and start talking about an ad. “Did you see that?”, is echoed around living rooms and family rooms around the country – and possibly around the world.

Nancy Welker Comp Card Black & White Version Summer 2015
Nancy Welker
Comp Card
Black & White Version
Summer 2015

Something completely unique. 

That is what makes advertising work. The unique. The out of the norm. The people and the things that get all of us talking and wondering. And passing the word along.

We saw a great example of this earlier in 2015 when Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue included a 2-page advertisement from Swimsuits For All – that featured a full-figured model in a bikini. The press was buzzing about it. And so was everyone else.

With that kind of success in mind, I am approaching a mid-life career in modeling, spokesmodeling and acting. My logic is this: If you see an 18 year-old in a magazine ad wearing a bikini it’s not going to stop the world. But if you put a 58 year-old in a magazine ad, wearing that same bikini, in the same size, and wearing it just as well as the 18 year-old wore it, now you’ve got something different, something way out of the norm – you’ve got verbal-viral potential.

That’s what makes me perfect for modern day modeling. 

The timing is right. The world wants new faces, new voices, new body types – and new ways to look at age and beauty.

Underscoring my point is how many famous women, past 50 and past 60 as well, are still very beautiful, some even more so as they age, and are wearing bikinis, bodycon dresses, the cut down to there styles, and miniskirts. And they are not doing it to try to look young – they are doing it because they’ve kept their bodies in shape and these styles look amazing on them.

From a business standpoint, hiring me or another model or spokesmodel my age, could be the smartest decision ever made.

Stay focused on your dreams everyone!