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Love Yourself. Love Life.

They go hand in hand.  

When you love yourself the entire world is rosier and what was once thought to be impossible becomes do-able.  Nothing gets handed to you from the Heavens, make no mistake about that (at least I’ve never seen that happen), however, it’s always surprising to me how different life becomes when you start out with a confident, positive attitude.  

Life throws stuff at you.  

Yup.  It certainly does that!  When you’re a young woman you are worried about money, career, money, kids, did I mention money?, and, of course finding that special someone.  When you’re middle-aged the worry about money does continue, but hopefully you have it a bit more security in that department, and you will likely have at least some concern about kids, significant others, and job/work matters.  

Sometimes things happen that you never saw coming.  Your child shows signs of autism.  A parent or grandparent requires more care from you than you honestly have time to give.  Or, you yourself have health issues to manage.  None of those things are easy, yet, they are resolvable at least to the point of “life goes on” anyway, when you keep looking at yourself with an attitude of gratitude and healthy pride, whatever you may have to handle becomes a lot less difficult.  

This is an ULTRA close-up shot for any woman! At 61,  I am happy to show you how my skin looks! Selfie taken May 7 2018.

Start inside. 

Eat right. Yes, I know there’s a million others out there telling you that.  And then you walk into the grocery store and find it stocked with ten different varieties of some of the most unhealthy snacks imaginable.  And when you’re feeling down, that BOGO sign calls out to you and you wind with two packages of chocolate-coated cookies in your shopping cart. 

But, you need to resist.  Whether it’s sugary, salty or fatty, unhealthy foods are not the answer.  In fact, they can lead to an increase in tension, sleeplessness, mood swings and of course, unwanted weight gain.  All of those things, by the way, show on you when you walk out that door.  No, looks are not everything but don’t mistake the fact that they are indeed something.  

Get moving.  

Daily exercise of your choice is a must.  Walk, run, swim, cycle, whatever works for you.  Just get into the habit and do it like your life depends on it – because it just might.  Don’t wait for a doctor to tell you to do this, because by then you’ll be dealing with health problems.  Instead, start when you’re healthy and use your exercise time to help manage stress, and even prevent medical issues before they begin.  

Do what you want to yourself.  

Don’t ever let anyone talk you out of a healthy cosmetic procedure that is very likely to produce great results.  As yourself this:  “Am I letting anyone else dominate me?”  Think about it first before you’re too quick to shake your head and say “no.”  Friends, family, kids, and even the media, can be mighty convincing when it comes to talking others out of what could be very positive changes.  And I say it’s a damn shame.  

Be smart, do your homework, ask a ton of questions, and then make an educated decision about injectables, facial peels, cosmetic surgery, etc.  Know your practitioner’s experience and go to someone you feel comfortable with – that’s an absolute must.  

My results.  

I made intelligent eating habits and daily exercise a part of my life a long time ago and thank God everyday for the inspiration to do so.  Since last Summer I have used injectables for my under eye area and cheek area, and have had two ViPeels.  In January 2018 b I began using retinol every night and plan to graduate up to retin-A soon.  I love my results.  I couldn’t be more delighted.  

When I look in the mirror I see a refreshed face the reflects how I feel on the inside.  An autistic son, a 98-year-old mom, and all the usual day to day stress does not magically become easy for me.  Of course not.  But, seeing a healthy-looking image of myself again I have to say is very helpful.  I highly recommend it!  

Stay well everyone, 



The featured photo to the left is me, taken in the car on May 7, 2018.  I have on tinted moisturizer, a small dab of pencil eyeliner, and a nude lip gloss.  I use lash extensions, and have no mascara on them.  I had permanent brow makeup done last Summer.




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How Did We Get Here?

Women are fighting back! 

Since the big news story broke about Harvey Weinstein, I have been following pretty much all of the articles about how women are coming on strong about how they have been mistreated.  And I say?  Damn girls, it’s high time!

Women have been put upon for centuries, hell since the Garden Of Eden I’m sure, and why?  Because we have what is commonly known as “the goods” and men want said goods from us as often as possible.  Geez.

How this affects us all.  

It doesn’t have to be a Hollywood director or some famous songster on stage for you to get your dander up and put on your fighting gear.  No, ma’m.  You should be standing taller than ever in your own community and taking nothing at all from anyone.  Yes, we should be a bit harsh if necessary.  That’s part and parcel of standing up and standing tall.

So, how did we get here?  

It’s our moment in history.  We are tired of the slackers, hackers, stupid casanovas, and assorted other men of questionable character.  We want REAL men.  Those who stand strong in the face of anything that life throws at them.  The ones who love us and treat us like we are some combination of Miss Universe and this month’s favorite centerfold, and those same beautiful lovers also love the heck out of our babies, grandbabies and our pets large and small.

Yes, ladies, we want men who measure up to a whole new set of standards.  That is precisely how we got here!

And the future?  

Is looking bright!  We as women are happier than ever, love ourselves, our men, our kids, our homes and all of it, with a passion that can’t be stopped.  Stupid are the guys who pretended to be something special when it turned out they were just hackers!  Karma is coming on strong and it’s aiming it’s revenge at all the men who did us wrong! Yipes.  

Sorry for them?  

Maybe sometimes we will feel sorry for those who really get the shaft and who even take their own lives in the wake of not just accusations, but REVELATIONS of their evil deeds.

We’re female, and moms at heart, and so we may indeed feel compassion for those who have succumbed to disgusting tendencies without caring for anyone but themselves.  But that should never stop a woman from demanding justice.   And frankly, I don’t believe it will.

Keeping it real.  

Yes, I along with thousands if not millions, of other women are indeed keeping it real. I have one of those aforementioned REAL men and so I know how to define the type and what we should all look for.  They do exist, so don’t think that the media articles about horror stories are “how it is”.  They are not.

In fact, if we do demand that our men be their best, love us like their life depended on it, and give us the sweetest life, ladies – we just may get it!

Look for my FBTV channel to start airing daily next week.  Sorry, I had an injury two weeks ago that put me behind schedule.  I’m OK  now, so I can get back into the trenches!