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Not Everyone Peaks At 20

Let’s all be thankful for that! 

During our lifetime we tend to go through phases based on age.  Why?  I’m not completely sure of that answer, but, I believe it has a lot to do with what the media represents as the “age of perfection”.  Usually, that age is around 20 or so.  Once we pass that age, we are considered to be past our prime, along with other nonsense, and we are in fact operating with a bit of a handicap.  This is totally wrong for so many reasons!  I want to go into a few of them in this post……

  • We are not “ugly”  as we get older.  In fact, many of us come into a higher sense of style and taste, and oftentimes this leads to finding our natural good looks and working with them instead of against them.  That alone leads to a much more polished and attractive appearance.
  • We can stay in shape for life.  I have a diploma in fitness and nutrition, along with six certifications, and have published four books in the women’s wellness category.  Therefore, I can say as professional, that it is entirely to keep our figures for life with the proper diet/exercise program in place on a day-to-day basis.  I am living proof of that if I do say so myself.
  • We can keep good skin for life.  Of course if we spend too much time in the sun without protection and don’t eat properly or exercise, and if we smoke a pack a day, our skin will really take a beating by the time we are 30 or 35.  However, it also works in reverse that if we are smart about sun exposure, don’t smoke or keep it to the occasion cigarette with a cocktail, eat right and exercise daily that our skin will be healthy and smooth for most of our lives.  Additionally, there are daily skin treatments, easy stuff mind you, that any woman or man can do that helps keep the skin on our faces and bodies firm and plump in the good sense of that term.
  • We can and do continue to learn and grow as the years pass.  One of the best things about getting older is all the knowledge you gain.  My advice to a younger person is to read every day, whether it’s fiction or non-fiction, and stay up to date with what’s happening in the world without being addicted to the news programs.
  • We can keep a positive attitude.  This is not always easy, as I well know, and life has a way of throwing so much do-do at us that it’s easy to fall into an attitude rut and become pessimistic.  Of anything at all, wrinkles and being out of shape included, this is the one single thing that will make a person seem old, even beyond their actual age.  I say adopt a positive attitude about something in your life.  Find a way to become interested in something cool like a sport or foreign languages or trendy cooking techniques.  Not only will those kind of hobbies make for great conversation, but they send out a message to the world that you are full of life and youthfulness.  That’s the ticket!
  • We can make changes.  Even big ones.  Here is another category that is tricky for most people over the age of 35 or 40.  Stepping outside our comfort zone is hard, no doubt about it, but there is usually something buried deep down inside that stays there because of fear and that’s just not healthy.  It’s one of the most gratifying things in the world to take that leap of faith and just go for it.  Be it a new career, a move to a new home or maybe taking up something awesome like snow skiing or horseback riding for the first time ever. Starting with something recreational can lead to other things such as going back to school, or earning that degree you never finished, or putting a deposit on that store space you have been longing to lease.
  • We have a voice.  Remember that.  It’s not just the opinions of the younger set that matter.  The over-40 and over-any number you name crowd counts as well.  Speak up.  Use that wisdom you’ve acquired.  Don’t preach or try to be the control-freak.  That will get you nowhere.  Instead just talk.  Nicely.  With  a smile. Put in your two cents and let everyone know that you have a brain that works and that there’s a helluva lot of knowledge in it that you’re proud to say you have.
  • Most of all, believe in yourself.  Do you believe in others?  Your kids?  Your spouse?  Your friends?  You probably answered “yes” to all of those.  Then add one more to the list.  Y-O-U.

nancy face hat closeup

My personal motto is “If you’re healthy enough – you’re young enough”.  And that’s the size of things in life.  A healthy mind and body can accomplish so many wonderful things – be they great or small.  So don’t count yourself out because you’ve reached X age and don’t allow anyone else to do that to you, either.

This week I have a video audition to film for an exciting project.  Next week I have another.  I have no idea if either will work out.  Maybe one or maybe both.  I can’t say just yet.  But I know I’m going to give it my all.  I’m going to learn from the experience and I’m going to come back here and write about them.  That you can bet on!


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I've Got To Be Me

That’s my motto.

Why on Earth anyone would want to be someone else is beyond my ability to understand, but for myself, I’m finding that I appreciate myself more and more every year.  Which, I’m also finding, seems to buck the trend.

Stop being The Cynic.  

I also have no idea why anyone, man or woman, would want to be more negative as they age.  It sounds awful, and looks just as bad on a person.  It’s not “our place” to act like stone-people and never smile or laugh or enjoy life.  The only thing that does is make us appear grouchy, unfriendly and past anything that resembles attractive.


Acting and modeling.  

There is no clear cubby hole for me to fit into when it comes to acting and modeling.  I’m different.  I’m 59 years old, damn proud of it, and have maintained my body to the point of wearing the same size as I did when I was 16 years old.  Good genes?  Certainly.  Love of exercise?  You bet.

And by keeping in good shape physically, it affects me mentally as well.  I’m more youthful, I suppose you could say it that way if you must but I prefer the word “positive”, in my thinking.  I love to do and learn and experience new and fun things.  Travel is one of the things I am looking forward to in the second half of my life and seeing the places and people I’ve only seen on television or read about in books.

When you add in that I’ve been homeschooling an autistic son for 20 years, it makes me something of a rarity.

I’ve got to be me – forever.  

That’s also my advice to any woman (men, too for that matter).  Be yourself.  Stay upbeat.

Which includes actually being cynical about one thing though.  The gossip you hear about on TV shows and read about in the tabloids.  Just because a woman or a man is youthful it doesn’t mean we’re trying to be someone else or recapture our youth.  Who wants that?  I don’t!

It does mean that we haven’t given up, we are definitely not done yet in life, and that we look forward to the future.

One last thing.  

Don’t wait until cancer or heart disease or any other life-threatening disease comes into your life before you appreciate all the great things about you, your age, all the amazing things you’ve learned, and what you bring to this world.  Love life now — and if there’s something you want to do just DO IT!