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REN Moroccan Rose Otto Body Lotion Review

Hadn’t used it in years.  

It was probably 5 or 6 years since I last bought the REN Moroccan Rose Otto Body Lotion, but I always spoke highly of it and really began to miss it, so I went to the company website and ordered a bottle.  Well, let’s just say that the product is unfortunately not what it used to be.  

Product performance.  

The lotion itself is wonderfully creamy, with just the right amount of emollients in it to suit my normal skin type.  I’d venture to say that it would be beneficial for most other skin types as well.  It absorbs in quickly and leaves the skin smooth as silk.  

So, then, what’s the problem with it?  The amazing, beautiful, and uniquely REN Moroccan rose scent is practically gone.  Once upon a time it was a pleasure to take the cap off the bottle as it already released enough of the scent to make me feel great.  And it was perfect as far as I’m concerned.  Enough of a fragrance to be noticed, yet, never overpowering.  Yes, it was that good.  

Why the change?  

I can’t imagine why, unless it’s the availability of the essential oils, and of course, the cost.  I’m guessing that the manufacturer’s price went up substantially, otherwise why not keep the formula as it was?  

But whatever the case, while I do like the feel of the product, I won’t buy it again.  I never thought I’d say that about REN, but the company just isn’t making this product to the high standard of years past.  For that reason I won’t be purchasing anything else from that company.  

The details.  

Where I purchased my product:  At the REN website.   

Price:  $44.00 for 6.8 ounces 

Purchase experience:  REN shipped the item in a reasonable timeframe, and it arrived in perfect condition.  

This review is based on my own  experience, and the product was bought with my own money.  

Simple methods.
Spectacular results.


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Building My YouTube Channel This Year


I began publishing videos on YouTube in 2015-16, but I didn’t add very many.  I’ve got lots of other things going on and so it was difficult to create a regular day/time to film.

But, that’s at last resolved for me – and I’m so happy to tell you about it!  I’ll be starting to publish my video content on the Nancy Welker YouTube Channel either this weekend, or next week, depending on my voice.  I’ve had the flu and as of now I’m not able to talk without sounding hoarse and coughing like crazy so I have to give it a few days before I begin.

However, that downtime is giving me the chance to begin organizing everything else on my list and putting together a schedule I enjoy keeping.  That’s my approach to my work.  ENJOY IT!  When you do that, you don’t mind burning the midnight oil when you need to and that’s the ticket to success I have found.


My first videos will include chats about me, and my reasons for pursuing acting (and modeling for that matter) now.  I want to tell others about my life as they may also find themselves in similar situations.  Many of us had a dream when we were 18 or 20.  Life got in the way.  Is it too late at 40 or 50 or 60 to go after that dream?  Of course it is not!  And that’s the message I want to send to everyone who comes to my channel.

Nancy Welker  New Year's Eve 2016
Nancy Welker
New Year’s Eve


I’ll be making a variety of videos.  I’ve been a YouTube fan for a long time and I know what other channels are creating, and so I want to publish what viewers like to see.  I’ll make videos giving unbiased product reviews of many kinds – from fitness to beauty to cooking and also TV shows and movies.

This project is so special to me and I’m really looking forward to building community on YouTube, and continuing to build community on Facebook and WordPress.


Of course I will be posting links to my video content on social media as well!


I’ll be going live on Facebook as often as I can. I hope to see all of you there when I do!

I am honored by the number of people who like and follow me on WordPress, Twitter, YouTube – and by the 57K likes I have on Facebook!!

Look for my videos by this weekend!