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I Have More Fans Than I Thought I Did!

Never would have believed it could happen.  

On July 26, 2016 I put up a Facebook page for “Nancy Welker Actress”.  I wanted to create more online presence for myself as an actress and I thought this would be a great way to help do that.  What I was not prepared for was the response.

As of today, August 8, 2016, scarcely 10 days later, I have more than 6,400 likes.  And they keep pouring in.

What I’ve done to date.  

I’m just beginning.  I just signed with a talent agency a year ago, almost exactly one year, and so far I’ve only accepted two roles.  One for an HBO show as an extra and another small speaking role in a comedy web series production for ComedyFlo.  That’s all I’ve actually done.

However, I do get a lot of castings sent to me, pretty much daily, so I have been picking and choosing.  If I wanted more work I would have it, but that’s not really what I feel I should be doing.

Staying focused.  

I would love to land a role in a TV show or movie that cast me as a detective, private or police or military, or as a mom turned badass in a sci-fi production such as the role of Carol in The Walking Dead, or Siobhan in Orphan Black.  It’s my dream and my aim.

Also, I’d be great in a period production, giving me the opportunity (I would hope anyway) to display strength and spunk and gutsiness as well.  I enjoy that.  My two favorite periods would be the pre-Civil War South and the 1930s.  Love both and know a lot about both as well.

Nancy Welker May 2016
Nancy Welker
May 2016

Extremely grateful.  

It’s very motivating to have thousands of people clicking that “like” button before I even get much of a role in any production.  Even though I’m sifting through the castings I receive,  I still have those days when I wonder if it’s ever going to click for me.  If I’ll ever land that plum role.  Seeing others come in and support me is just what I need some days to keep sight of my goal and never give up until I reach it.

This week.

I’m making four video auditions for one production, sending off a video to an advertising agency, and, speaking once again about a possible job promoting a product.  So, there are always lots of irons in the fire.

My advice to others.  

Is to keep the dream in front of you.  Don’t worry about anything else.  And don’t let anyone or anything stop you.  If you’re healthy and have the ambition that’s all you need.  Work hard and keep your eyes open for opportunities.  That sums it up.

Once again, THANK YOU to everyone who has liked my Facebook page.  You’re all fantastic and my very best wishes go out to all of you!


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