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Seated Yoga Stretch Sequence

Easy Seated Yoga Stretch Sequence Instructions

Sit on your mat and assume Easy Pose.   Take several deep breaths, inhaling on the up swing and exhaling on the down swing.

Gently and gracefully move into each of the following asanas – 

Namaste Pose. From Easy Pose, outstretch your arms, palms together, and bring your hands towards your chest until they just touch your body. Point your fingers up. Keep your body relaxed. Hold 30 seconds.

Simple Seated Twist. Transition – Take a deep breath and bring your right knee up toward your chest. Reach your right arm around your back with your left arm following. Look over your right shoulder then turn your head left to twist. Hold 30 seconds. Repeat for left side.

Child Pose. Transition – Inhale and exhale while again assuming Easy Pose. Tuck your feet under your seat. Your knees should touch. On an exhale bend forward and touch your forehead to your mat. Reach your arms over your head. Hold 30 seconds. Repeat three times.

Cobra Pose. Transition – On an exhale from Child Pose raise your head up and reach forward with your hands, stretch, and at the same time smoothly straighten your legs. Keep your torso raised up,slack in your elbows. Hands flat. Hold 10-30 seconds. Repeat three times.

Bridge Pose. Transition – Take a deep breath and lay down flat on your mat on the exhale. Palms facing down, arms at your sides, bend your knees keeping your feet securely on the floor. Push up with your hips to form a bridge. Hold for 10 to 30 seconds. Repeat five times.

Pull knees to your chest, hold for a count of 10 or more, then stretch your legs out and come up.  Go back to Easy Pose, fold your hands in Namaste, hold for a count of 10 or more.  You’re finished.