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My Time To Shine

It is surely right now! 

It’s been almost 2 years since I officially launched an acting/modeling career and I’ve done so many things in that short period of time.

Beginning with registering with an agency, then a day-long professional modeling shoot, and continuing with landing roles in both a big HBO production and an independent web series, I am moving along relatively quickly in a business that sees very few “overnight successes.”

What I’m doing.  

Presently, I’m gearing up for a live audition in about a week or so, and I’m very excited about it!  There are no guarantees, of course, however I do love the direction I am going and how  I’m applying the thousand and one things I’ve learned.

In a previous blog post, I said I didn’t want to accept roles as an extra again, and I’m very happy about that decision.  I want speaking roles.  Large ones would be great, but smaller ones are fine as well.  As the saying goes, “there are no small roles only small actors!”.  As long as I’m saying at least a few words and get my face in front of the camera long enough for friends, family, and all of you wonderful people online to recognize me – I’ll be jumping for joy.


And joy is really what I have.  

I love acting.  All of it.  Reading through the castings  I receive every day, contacting production companies and advertising companies about their projects, and making audition videos and going to live auditions.  That’s really the bulk of the job anyway.  What you see on film is just a small part of the acting business.  It’s a long process that requires patience, attentiveness and simply a love of the craft.  I do have them all!  Surprisingly enough I have found patience within myself I didn’t know I had!

Am certain of this.  

Small roles.  Large roles.  Either one or both could be presented to me on any given day.  There’s no telling.

But what I’m very certain about, regardless of how long it takes for the right doors to open, is that I’m not going anywhere.  It’s hard to know, and even harder to hear, that you are not “right” for the role or the director is looking for “something else” in that role.

So there may be a list that of things that I’m “not” when it comes to roles I don’t land.  But, one thing needs to be added to that list of “nots”:  I’M NOT GIVING UP!!

Big hugs and thanks! 

It makes me smile every time I see a like here and when a nice person pays me a compliment or offers words of encouragement.  I am honored to have so many excellent people watching me climb this rather tall ladder.  Not to worry though.  I have lots of stamina.  Climb it I will!

All the best to you,