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Watching The Sinner Starring Jessica Biel

It’s an unusual project.

The storyline is one that twists and turns and even spins around a couple of times – especially in the last two episodes – and overall I have to say I’d LOVE to be part of such a project at any time in the future.

Some of my favorite actors.  

I have been a fan of Jessica Biel since she played the character, “Mary” in the television series “Seventh Heaven”, and I went on to further love her work when I saw her in “Blade: Trinity”, which, by the way, helped launched the career of another favorite actor of mine, Ryan Reynolds.

Why I love The Sinner. 

It’s different and comes with suspense and surprises – much like me.  I’d fit right in with such a cast of characters – all a bit dark, strange and/or eccentric.  I have the blessing of a sweet face and that gives me the edge when it comes to playing a villain, a somewhat crazy or just plain mean kind of person.  No one expects it to look at me, which is very beneficial.

What role I would have written for  me.  

It would be a member of The Beverwyck Country Club, which is a very important location in the story.  I’d be a woman who was born poor and married rich, probably widowed young, and left with a sizable fortune.  My character would obviously know more than she first lets on, and would be interviewed several times before Harry Ambrose (Bill Pullman) finally gets her to open up.

Naming my character would be important.  Names always are, even if they sound simple and everyday.  For this project I would have given my character the name “Lisa Kerry”.  It’s easy to remember, has a classy ring to it, and has a bit of sex appeal as well.

Playing Lisa Kerry.  

Complicated, with a few layers that need to be peeled off, Lisa Kerry (nee Geller) would be a plum role for me.  Her story is that she grew up just slightly above the official poverty level, and took a job waiting tables at The Beverwyck Country Club while attending a local college.  That’s where Lisa met Nelson Kerry, son of parents who both were from “old money”, and even though Nelson was twenty years her senior, she accepted his invitation to a weekend on his yacht, and married him just a few months later.

Having no children to leave her fortune to, Lisa Kerry founded a non-profit that supported local artists without discrimination of any kind.  Lisa devoted her life to raising funds and planning shows and exhibits to further the careers of the organization’s members.

Unfortunately for Lisa, she witnessed some strange goings-on at The Beverwyck one July night  that she tried to forget – but could not.

Happy exercise for me. 

I enjoy writing myself in to shows I have enjoyed watching, and perhaps one day you’ll see me star in a production I’ve written or co-written.  It could happen.

A big THANK YOU to everyone who has given me so much kind support!  You’re wonderful people!