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Winky Lux Flower Lip Balm Review

What a nice surprise. 

This product is definitely a keeper!  I got it as a free gift with purchase back in December, and frankly I forgot I had it until just this week.  Let me give you the details…

Product Overview – Winky Lux Flower Balm 

It comes in five colors, and mine is in yellow.   The case is very classy looking and it fits great in most any size handbag.  A big plus as far as I’m concerned. 

But what is so sweet about this little beauty is that it has an actual small piece of chrysanthemum flower inside the tube, which is transparent, and it looks so pretty!  

Product Performance 

The balm goes on smoothly, and the tube itself works fine – the cap goes on easily and stays on.  A must if you toss it in your bag.  

Now on to the color – it’s amazing!  I love it!  The balm is formulated to work with your own body chemistry, so it gives you “your shade of pink”.  

Reapplication is simple and also very easy.  It doesn’t collect or clump up – pet peeve of mine, so I really notice it. 


I received my Winky Lux Flower Lip Balm as a free gift with a purchase I made myself with my own money.  I am not compensated for this review, it’s just my own feedback and opinion.  

The Winky Lux website that shows the item is $14 – so it’s affordable.  


Me, on Monday, March 26, 2019.  I’m wearing my Winky Lux in yellow.  

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