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A ViPeel Turns Me Into A Real Itch – But It’s Worth It


Yes, they do – literally!  

On Thursday, April 5th, I had my second ViPeel applied.  It’s a great beauty service, and the results are super, but, as with all good things there is the “rub”.


If you’ve never had one, a ViPeel is a milder and more well-tolerated medical grade skin chemical peel, and it is done by a professional in a medical office or medi-spa.

The purpose is to stimulate the skin’s natural shedding and turnover process, so revealing fresher, softer and less environmentally damaged skin.

As a nice bonus, collagen and elastin production within the skin is also increased and so a more youthful plumpness and firmness can also be seen.

What is in the ViPeel?  

The VI Peel consists of a unique blend of five acids, that other peels do not combine in the same way.  There are different levels or strengths of this product, so you need to discuss what’s best for you with your skin care professional.

TCA  – Trichloroacetic Acid for deeper skin layer penetration, scar healing, and collagen stimulation.

Retin-A  – an acid derived from vitamin A to combat wrinkles and sagging skin.

Salicylic Acid  – a beta hydroxy acid (BHA) that acts as a mild exfoliant on the skin.

Phenol  – has antiseptic and anesthetic properties and also boosts skin penetration of the product.

Vitamin C  – ascorbic acid has antioxidant and mild exfoliation properties, and, also works in harmony with your body chemistry to stimulate collagen and firm the skin.

What to expect from your ViPeel. 

The application takes a short time – less than 20 minutes.  There are two steps to this process:

First, your skin (forehead to décolleté and/or ears (I don’t do my ears)) is prepped with an acetone cleansing.  Simply, acetone wipes are used directly on the skin.  The worst part of this is the odor.  Your technician should let you use a hand-held fan to help with that.

Second, the ViPeel is applied using a brush.  This can sting a bit, but it’s not terribly uncomfortable.  When it comes to beauty, more so than fitness, the phrase “no pain no gain” is very true.

You can opt for certain areas of the face only, such as around the eyes, or, do it all, which is what I do, except for the ears, which I don’t feel I need at this point in time.

Turn into a real itch for a week. 

Yup.  That’s the size of it.  You will itch like crazy, your skin will go through a cracking stage, and then somewhere between day 3 and 7, you’ll see peeling.

Depending on your sensitivity, and all the other individual factors such as sun damage, your skin may flake a bit, or, peel a lot.  So, it’s best to discuss the procedure and what to expect with your skin care professional before diving in.

How to help with the itching and possible burning.  

My skin mainly itches, with a very mild burning or “hot” feeling.  I find that of all the possible remedies I’ve learned about, splashing cool water on my skin followed by Aquaphor Baby formula works the best by far.  it helps with the itching, but, keep in mind that it is brought to a tolerable level without completely stopping it.

Also keep in mind that you should see these reactions.  That’s what a chemical peel is all about.  Obviously, a severe reactions or concerns should be treated immediately by a medical professional.

I’m currently working toward starting a daily video program for my FBTV Talk Show on YouTube.  Join me there!

Where I go – I get my ViPeels, injectables, lash extensions and permanent brow makeup at the Oasis MedSpa in Stuart, Fl.


I took this selfie on Day 4 of my ViPeel (April 9th). I have a good coat of Aquaphor on my skin, and so far peeling and flaking is at a minimum. Itching gets intense though so I expect the peeling to  be happening by week’s end.

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Microneedling Day Five Results Feedback

Hey everyone! 

Well, “Ms. Red Puffy Face” is no longer!  LOL  That’s pretty much what I was last Wednesday, Nov 29th, when I got my first ever microneedling treatment.

In the video I just published yesterday, you can see my results on day five, which are actually more spectacular in person than you see on film.  The redness is gone, any swelling is forgotten as well, and my skin feels like silk.  Very, very expensive silk I might add! Wow!

What I wanted to gain. 

First, let me tell you what I wanted from the microneedling treatment.   I turned 60 this past April, and I have since then decided to actually do the skin care treatments that I’ve always wanted.  I am using injectables, and happy with the results there, and in the past two months I have done a VIPeel (October 2017) and now microneedling (November 2017) – with about 6 weeks in-between those two last treatments.

I want fresher, firmer skin with less hollows under the eye and in the cheek areas.  I have also started using an injectable to even out the shape of my top lip, which has nothing to do with my age since that’s always been something I’ve wanted to change.

Overall, I want to look in the mirror and not see a tired-looking woman.  I am anything but that!  And I want to keep myself looking as good on the outside as I feel on the inside.  But, with all of this, I want a look is that is natural and attractive at the same time.

Microneedling process in detail.  

I went to a Medi-Spa in Stuart, Florida, called “Oasis MedSpa”, and the aesthetician there is Kelly, who performed the microneedling treatment.  Kelly was very careful, and took it slow and easy.  She first allowed the topical numbing product to take effect, which was about 20 minutes or longer, and I have to tell you I would not even think about attempting to have this performed without it.  This is a woman who has given birth twice so I am no stranger to pain, but, in some areas of the face, this process can be very uncomfortable.

During and after the process, Kelly applied Biopelle Intense Growth Serum to my face, which assists with the cell turnover rate, and so helps bring about a fresher, healthier result.  As part of the service, I was given the remaining 8 ampoules of the serum to apply to my face over the next few days.  Even  though I was advised that it could sting at first, I did not experience that at all.  I literally had no stinging sensation whatsoever from this serum.

In the following days, I noticed that any swelling and redness was going away quickly.  On day two, the swelling I had seen around my mouth and on my cheek areas was 80% reduced.  By day three it was completely gone.

On day four, Saturday, Dec 1st, I ventured out.  My skin looked great I have to say.  So good, that I did not bother with any makeup at all.  Not even my usual under eye concealer and dab of eyeliner.  Not a thing.  First, I went to my nail salon for my fills/pedi and felt perfectly fine about my appearance.  More than fine.  I admit that I was beginning to feel really good about my complexion!

Later that day, my husband and I went to a party for a friend’s daughter who just graduated from college (a degree in Criminology!) and what did I use for makeup?  A bit of eyeliner, just a pencil in a color called “fig” that is softer than black, and a swipe of nude lipstick.  I put on a ruby-red dress, which is one of my favorite complexion-enhancers for us girls who love to go without makeup, and I have to tell you I was pleased with the overall look.  At 60, my skin is really starting to look fantastic again and that feels wonderful.   It can be done, ladies.  Yes, it can!

Further benefits?  

I will keep you updated with my progress as time goes on, and I expect to see the fullest benefit from micro needling at the 30 to 45 day mark from 11/29, so that will put me at about the middle of January 2018.  You will see any skin improvements in my videos during that time period as well.

Additionally, I may  need more microneedling treatments, as in a series of 3, to get maximum results.  If that’s what I do – everyone who follows my work will know about it!

From here.  

I am keeping up with the injectables I started over this Summer (2017) and for those of you who do not know, it takes time for that process to be completed.  The changes are very subtle after each injection, or at least they should be when properly done, and so it can take quite a few months (3 to 6 or so) to get the end result you desire.

Watch my FBTV video I made on Day Five!  Perhaps you’d like to subscribe to my new YouTube talk show as well!



The photo to the left is fuzzy, sorry about that.  But you can still see that the swelling I had last week is gone.  My video making skills and photos are all improving – one of these fine days i’ll be publishing like one of the pros!