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Happy Times In 2017

What a year!  

For those of you who follow Chinese Astrology, you know that we are currently in the Year Of The  Fire Rooster.  This is my year, friends.  Literally!  I am a Fire Rooster!  And all I can say is “wow!”

Let me go into more detail…..

First, this year started off rather sadly.  I went through a time of tears, disillusionment, and frustration, and all I can say about it is that I’m glad it was short-lived and is now o-v-e-r!  I’m in a great place!  Happy. Have career plans that are not only very special to me, but, are already beginning to come together.  I’m becoming a success and I couldn’t be more excited about that – not to mention to grateful!

Well, from there it only gets better.  I saw the birth of a beautiful granddaughter in July, who, I might add is also a Fire Rooster!  She has made my world a more beautiful place and once again, my gratitude to God and Heaven knows no limit.

Socially, I have been having so much fun.  More than ever I believe.  My boyfriend (that’s what I call  my husband of 30 years btw) and I took a gorgeous motorcycle trip through the Florida Keys, spent lovely time with friends we haven’t seen in years, and have been playing billiards, which I myself absolutely love.

Furthermore, much of our family will be here next month and that’s something I’m also looking forward to this year.  Yes.  I feel like a star let me tell you.  In all the best ways!

My boyfriend and me, in September, at dinner in Stuart, FL.

  Back to my career

I resumed reading tarot and astrology and have been publishing videos on YouTube since August.  It’s getting a lot of great  attention and I now have 11K subscribers, and well over 600K views.  Nearly all of that has been since August of this year so it’s really something I have been blown away by – and also another reason to be grateful.

What I’m doing with regard to acting has all just come together like puzzle pieces that finally connected.  I’m tired of being just another face in an agency.  I have no interest in being an “extra” again in any production, and frankly, since I am in the same shape I was in high school, literally, and have kept my appearance good, that is actually a strike against me.  Can you believe it?  I look “too young” or “too pretty” for many of the roles that are supposed to be for a “woman of my age”.  Well, I say “to heck with them!”

And how I’m saying “to heck with them” is by creating my own talk show on YouTube.  I am so encouraged by the fantastic response to my tarot and astrology channel, that I have launched another channel.  It’s called FBTV by Nancy Welker.  That stands for “Forever Beautiful TV” and it’s all about beauty in life – be it a woman’s own physical beauty, or the beauty of her family, the beauty of her home, her pets, and the beauty of our world.  In short, it’s all about finding, seeing and appreciating beauty in all forms.

Added to that I’ll be talking about the beauty of those who are different, or perhaps don’t march to the usual drummer.  Having an autistic son, I have quite a lot experience seeing the beauty in a person who is indeed, “different.”  That’s just another reason why I resent the agency and entertainment industry at large for being so prejudiced against me.  That’s what it is and so I’m calling it such.  All that talk about diversity?  It’s  just for advertising purposes!

It’s all beginning. 

Now there are some videos published to my FBTV channel that you may like. Most of them are from the past two years, but at least one is from this year.  I put them there to give it a bit of history is all.

On Wednesday of this week, I’m continuing what has become my Thanksgiving Eve chat about what I’m thankful for and so I’ll be once again adding that video, and from there expect all kinds of content.  My work will include a wide variety of topics, including answering Q&As and doing some live streaming on Facebook.  What fun!


To all of you wonderful angels who have liked my Facebook page, well before I was anywhere near famous, or even had a definite filming schedule.  Well, I will now have the schedule – expect content Monday, Wednesday and Friday to start, leading up to a full Monday through Friday schedule with special shows filmed along the way.   I hope that all of you interact with me, and enjoy the work I’ll be producing.

It’s just a few days before Thanksgiving here in the USA, and I am already one very, very thankful American woman – and a big part of that is your kind support!

With much love and all my best wishes,



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Building My YouTube Channel This Year


I began publishing videos on YouTube in 2015-16, but I didn’t add very many.  I’ve got lots of other things going on and so it was difficult to create a regular day/time to film.

But, that’s at last resolved for me – and I’m so happy to tell you about it!  I’ll be starting to publish my video content on the Nancy Welker YouTube Channel either this weekend, or next week, depending on my voice.  I’ve had the flu and as of now I’m not able to talk without sounding hoarse and coughing like crazy so I have to give it a few days before I begin.

However, that downtime is giving me the chance to begin organizing everything else on my list and putting together a schedule I enjoy keeping.  That’s my approach to my work.  ENJOY IT!  When you do that, you don’t mind burning the midnight oil when you need to and that’s the ticket to success I have found.


My first videos will include chats about me, and my reasons for pursuing acting (and modeling for that matter) now.  I want to tell others about my life as they may also find themselves in similar situations.  Many of us had a dream when we were 18 or 20.  Life got in the way.  Is it too late at 40 or 50 or 60 to go after that dream?  Of course it is not!  And that’s the message I want to send to everyone who comes to my channel.

Nancy Welker  New Year's Eve 2016
Nancy Welker
New Year’s Eve


I’ll be making a variety of videos.  I’ve been a YouTube fan for a long time and I know what other channels are creating, and so I want to publish what viewers like to see.  I’ll make videos giving unbiased product reviews of many kinds – from fitness to beauty to cooking and also TV shows and movies.

This project is so special to me and I’m really looking forward to building community on YouTube, and continuing to build community on Facebook and WordPress.


Of course I will be posting links to my video content on social media as well!


I’ll be going live on Facebook as often as I can. I hope to see all of you there when I do!

I am honored by the number of people who like and follow me on WordPress, Twitter, YouTube – and by the 57K likes I have on Facebook!!

Look for my videos by this weekend!