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Writing Myself In To Zoo On CBS

An amazingly creative show.  

The story is about a virus that causes the animals of the world to attack humans, with the intent of taking over.  A group of people from different backgrounds first recognize the problem, but are not able to stop it from spreading.

Humans can also be affected by the virus, and become violent as well.  As time goes on a misguided organization of scientists creates hybrid animals that are far more dangerous – and can be controlled through advanced technology.

How I’d fit in.  

I think I’d be great as a dedicated medical researcher who manages to fend off an attack from wolves roaming through her area in upstate New York.  Her name is Dr. Mena Strong, and she’s got her PhD in Phyto-Pathology, or in laymen’s terms the close study of the chemistry of plant life.

Dr. Strong is something of a  loner, and aside from her work at the laboratory, she prefers to keep to herself, and lives alone on a large farm.  Her horses and her vineyard are her passions and since going through a difficult divorce a decade ago, has no interest in a serious relationship.

Mena is found.  

Jackson Oz is the first from our team of brave hearts to find Mena and they form a friendship right away.  Mena’s knowledge and skill prove to be invaluable to the Zoo team as they continue to fight off hybrids.  One of Dr. Strong’s formulas for calming the animals works like magic and it enables them to capture two animals they badly needed.

An episode or the series.  

It could be that Dr. Mena Strong comes into the story for one episode only, helps the main cast, and goes on her way.  It could also be that she comes back as needed to continue creating new formulas as the infected animals become resistant to traditional tranquilizers.

Zoo is one of my favorites.  

I really enjoy this show.  I have watched it from the very beginning and it’s well written, well acted and one of the most entertaining shows on television.  I’d love to be part of it.