Honey soap…..

First, is not simply honey that’s transformed into a bar.  Just like other soaps, such as aloe vera soap, oatmeal soap or goat’s milk soap, there are a lot of other ingredients that make it a soap besides the featured ingredient.  

My bars…..

Are crafted from the finest ingredients, with raw honey from our own hives being the largest additive.  I take great care in making my soaps, and use 100% pure oils – organic as much as possible.  The end result is a bar of soap that is , high quality and wonderful for your skin.  

I have narrowed my varieties down to one – Honey Chunk Bars.  They are actually two bars in one – my creamy honey bar with chunks of my golden glycerin bar in it.   They are both gorgeous and kind to your skin.

All my soaps are created and crafted by me!

My Honey Chunk Bars are the only variety I will be selling retail as of November 12, 2019. Look for a new variety to be launched in the Summer of 2020

How they perform….

In a word – beautifully!   Our raw honey gives the bars natural antibacterial capability, keeping the bars themselves fresher.

Each bar lasts a long time – about a month! – with daily use in the shower.    

Taking great care of you…..

My Honey Chunk Bars are gentle, mildly fragranced, and treat dry or sensitive skin with TLC.  They are so gentle in fact, that they can be used as facial cleansing bars, as well as a general shower bar.  

Where to buy…..

My bars are set at $8 each or 3/$20  

You can buy them at:

The White City Mercantile in Ft. Pierce, FL  

Coastal Honey Bees LLC stand at the St. Lucie Farmers Market in PSL FL Sundays 10-2 

Online Click Here